Pantone Color Match Card


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A designer’s platform of Pantone Color Libraries, color values, and a powerful navigation feature set, available where you work with color.

Works with Pantone Connect for Android and iOS.


The Pantone Color Match Card works with your phone’s camera to measure and match colored objects, materials and surfaces to a Pantone Color. With the size and portability of a credit card, this unique solution makes matching an inspirational color to Pantone as easy as taking a photo – at accuracy levels approaching more expensive color-reading devices. Use the Color Match Card with the Pantone Connect mobile app to capture a color, search for the best match, and save your chosen Pantone Color to a palette for designing later in the Pantone Connect Extension for Adobe® Creative Cloud®.

List of supported phones/devices for Pantone Color Match Card (PCNCT-CARD)

Manufacturer Phone Name Year Supported
Apple 6s 2015 YES
Apple 6s Plus 2015 YES
Apple SE 2016 YES
Apple 7 2016 YES
Apple 7 Plus 2016 YES
Apple 8 2017 YES
Apple 8 Plus 2017 YES
Apple X 2017 YES
Apple XR 2018 YES
Apple XS Max 2018 YES
Apple XS 2018 YES
Apple iPadPro 12.9 2nd Gen 2017 YES
Apple iPad Pro 10.5 2nd Gen 2017 YES
Apple iPadPro 11 3rd Gen 2018 YES
Apple iPadPro 12.9 3rd Gen 2018 YES
Samsung S8 2017 YES
Samsung S8+ 2017 YES
Samsung S8 Active 2017 YES
Samsung S9 2018 YES
Samsung S9+ 2018 YES
Samsung S10e 2019 YES
Samsung S10 2019 YES
Samsung S10+ 2019 YES
Samsung S10 5g 2019 YES
Google Pixel 2 2017 YES
Google Pixel 2 XL 2017 YES